What Is Grammar Used For?

Writing is a skill that everyone learns about in school. However, some people are just better at it than others. One of the surefire ways to know that someone is a good writer is if they use proper grammar within their writing.

Grammar Is Foundational

Before you ask what is grammar used for, it’s important to understand how pivotal grammar is to language in general. Grammar dictates how words are combine to form meaningful sentences. Without grammar, our words would make no sense and communication would essentially not exist.

Grammar is what helps keep language cohesive and coherent to be able to be understood by others. Grammar is what helps provide clarity to speech, writing, and the understanding and comprehension of language.

It Make Learning A New Language Possible

Can you imagine trying to learn a new language if the new language had no rules when it came to sentence structure? It would be impossible. While grammar rules may vary across different languages, the underlying principles of structure and syntax are very common. This familiarity makes learning a new language a bit easier for those that already understand how to construct sentences in their native language.


While grammar rules may seem daunting, or if you feel like avoiding them like the plague, the fact remains that without grammar rules, our language would make no sense. Using proper grammar can help you to be more clearly understood as well as being able to convey new ideas, and emotions more effectively.






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