Is It Grammar or Grammer?

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head over whether it’s “grammar” or “grammer”? You’re not alone! Spelling can be tricky, and even a simple word like “grammar” can throw you off with its misleading “er” sound at the end.

It’s ‘Grammar,’ not ‘Grammer’

The correct spelling is “grammar.” Grammar refers to the structure and system of a language, including the rules of syntax, punctuation, word formation, and overall sentence construction.

“Grammer” is simply a misspelling of “grammar” and is not recognized as a correctly spelled word in any English language dictionary.

How To Remember ‘Grammar’ Instead of ‘Grammer’

Here’s a quick trick to remember to spell “grammar” with an “ar” and not an “er.”

Grammar is an essential part of language arts. The word “arts” contains “ar,” just like “grammar.” Next time you think of grammar, link it to the “ar” in “arts.”

The Origin of ‘Grammar’

The word “grammar” has a rich etymology that dates back to ancient times. It all started with the Greek word “grammatikē,” meaning “the art of letters,” which comes from “gramma,” meaning “letter” or “something written.”

This Greek term was adopted into Latin as “grammatica,” keeping its focus on the study of language and letters. As Latin evolved into Old French, it turned into “gramaire,” which then influenced the Middle English term “gramer.”

Back in the Middle Ages, “gramer” specifically referred to the study of Latin, which was the language of education and scholarly work. Eventually, “gramer” transformed into the “grammar” we use today in Modern English.

Today, the word “grammar” refers to the system and structure of any language, including syntax, morphology, and phonology.

correct grammar

Learn To Improve Your Grammar

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