Is Vocabulary Better Than Grammar

Is Vocabulary Better Than Grammar?

When learning a language, many students often struggle with knowing what they should prioritize: vocabulary or grammar.

The answer to “Is vocabulary better than grammar?” is not quite as straightforward and depends on a myriad of factors, including what the student’s goals are, their language level, and their learning context.

The Case For Vocabulary


Without understanding words, it’s hard to put them into a sentence structure that makes sense. This means that vocabulary is one of the main building blocks of any language on the planet.

Studies have shown that students with more extensive vocabularies can more easily understand texts and conversations, and can better guess the meaning of unknown words based on the context they are used in.

Having a basic vocabulary can also be extremely valuable when traveling in order to make basic communication in a foreign language.

The Case For Grammar


While vocabulary is important to understand the meaning of words, grammar on the other hand is the framework that holds a language together.

Without a solid grasp of grammar, communicating thoughts and ideas can become incredibly confusing and unclear as grammatical mistakes often lead to big misunderstandings.

Grammar also provides the building blocks to basic language comprehension and understanding in writing. Without understanding grammar, writing in any language is virtually impossible.


So is vocabulary better than grammar? This question really doesn’t make any sense as both are equally important as you can’t understand a language without both of these elements.

The better question to ask is if vocabulary or grammar is important to learn first when tackling a new language. The answer to that question is that vocabulary is most often more important to learn first as you need to understand the meaning of words before you can learn how to properly construct sentences using a grammar framework.

If you are learning a new language, learning vocabulary first and then grammar second is often the best method.






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