how to know if my sentence is correct

How Do I Check If My Sentence Is Correct?

When writing a paper, essay, or even a blog post, one may wonder how do I check if my sentence is correct? Thankfully there are many ways to do this with ease using technology.

Web Browser Grammar Checkers

If you are writing your document online using Google docs, or any browser window inside of Google Chrome, did you know that your web browser can do spell checking automatically for you?

Turn Chrome spell check on and off

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. Click More More and then Settings and then Languages.
  3. Under Spell check, turn on or off Check for spelling errors when you type text on web pages.

Tip: Your device’s spell check provider depends on your device’s operating system. If your device’s operating system is among the following, you can identify your spell check provider below:

  • Windows 8 and newer: Windows
  • Windows 7 and older: Chrome
  • Mac: macOS
  • Linux: Chrome
  • Chrome OS: Chrome
  • Android: Android’s Keyboard app
  • iPhone and iPad: iOS

Online Grammar Checkers

grammar checkers

There are many companies out there that have created additional grammar checking extensions that you can load into your browser, or software that you can download to work with your local applications that you have on your machine.

Some of the most popular online grammar checkers include: Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and ProWritingAid.

Many of these software providers offer a FREE plan that can do the most basic of checking.

Read Your Sentence Out Loud

This may sound kind of silly, but reading your writing out loud can help you to catch awkward phrasing, missing words, or grammatical errors that you may not notice when you read your work silently. Reading out loud also helps you to hear the rhythm of your sentence to see if it flows smoothly or not.


While spell checkers are amazing and help you to solve most grammatical issues, they are not bullet proof. One of the absolute best ways to double check your grammar is by using a second set of eyes. Having another person read your work is a great way to double check your grammar to see if there is anything that they may find as a mistake for you to check on and correct.

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