How To Write a Card: A Quick Guide

Whether you’re giving a greeting card for a birthday, a holiday, or a special event such as a wedding or graduation, you want to make it special and heartfelt. Are you wondering how to write a card that captures how you feel? 

Don’t fret! We’ve got everything you need to write a thoughtful card in just a few quick steps. 

What To Know About How To Write a Card

When you’re writing a card, start by thinking about what you want to achieve with it. This helps you decide on the vibe you’re going for and the kind of impression you want to make on the person receiving the card.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What’s the occasion for the card?
  • Who are you giving the card to?
  • What is your relationship with the person receiving the card? 
  • What tone do you want your card to have?

The answers to these questions can help you decide on the card’s theme and tone, which are essential to keep in mind when you are figuring out how to write a card.

Step-By-Step Guide To Writing a Card

If the card is for someone you don’t know well, keep your message short and sweet. Think of something clever but also thoughtful, similar to what you might find inside a Hallmark card.

If the card is for a loved one you’re close to, you may want to write a personalized and heartfelt note expressing your love and gratitude.

In both cases, your messages should follow the same basic structure.

1. Write an Introduction

If you are writing a card for a close friend’s birthday, you may start the card with a warm and personal greeting:

“Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!” 

For an acquaintance or colleague, begin with a polite and friendly tone:

“Wishing you a wonderful birthday, John!”

2. Acknowledge the Day/Event 

After the introduction, you can say something heartfelt about what you are celebrating.

For close friends, now is the time to dive into personal reflections or inside jokes. Still, keep this message simple and brief: 

“I can’t believe we are 30 already. It feels like only yesterday we were rocking out to Taylor Swift in our cat pajamas.” 

If you don’t know the person very well, keep your tone more general but warm:

“I hope you have a fantastic celebration today!”

3. Add Some Personalization 

This is where writing a card can get fun. Adding personalization to your card doesn’t have to be super deep, but it should be memorable to both the writer and receiver, such as: 

“I hope that the coffee shop makes your drink just right and that Misses Mittens gives you all the kitty cuddles.”

For an acquaintance or work colleague, you can skip this point. However, if you feel like the card is a little bare, add another general message that is thoughtful but appropriate:

“You work hard and deserve a great day!”

If you’re up for it, poetry is a great addition to any card. 

4. Give Well Wishes

Before you finish off the note, write something of encouragement that gives well wishes to the receiver: 

“30 is gonna be your best year yet, and I can’t wait to share it with you!” 

For an acquaintance, this part of the card might look like:

“May your day be filled with joy and your year ahead be prosperous!”

5. Signing off 

Last but not least, it is time to finish the note and sign the card: 

“Love, your best friend for life, Tina” 

Unless you’re close to the person, it’s best not to sign the card with “love.” Instead, use a respectful and friendly closing:

“Best regards, John”

If you have a friendly relationship with a coworker, it’s appropriate to add a little fun and personality with the closing:

“Your favorite coworker, Cynthia”

Writing a Card Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Now you know how to write a card in a few easy steps! Hopefully, this gave you some ideas to get started. These steps are to help you start writing an impactful and thoughtful card, but you can always add or remove any steps or switch things around.

If you want more guidance on all things grammar and communication, be sure to visit our Grammar Help Topics to learn more!


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