27 Funny Mushroom Puns

Want to show the world you’re a really fungi? Only a real cre-meany wouldn’t love these mushroom puns! From the iconic red-and-white Mario mushrooms to the soft white slices that top our pizzas, mushrooms and mushroom imagery are a cultural touchstone for many. 

These puns about mushrooms will go over great with your vegetarian friends, any free spirits you hang out with, and the cooks in your circle. Everyone loves a little wordplay, and these 27 mushroom puns will have you begging for more-l.

Simple Mushroom Puns

These one-liners are a cute, playful way to add some flavor to your writing. 

  • There’s always shroom for improvement.
  • A day without mushrooms is un-spore-gettable.
  • You’re a real fun-guy to be friends with. 
  • Spore me the details!
  • I’m getting too mold for this.
  • This is important – you mushroom-ember it!
  • That’s spore-tacular!

Specific Mushrooms

There are lots of different mushroom varieties, and you can have fun with their names! (90s kids will definitely remember the “oh, shiitake mushrooms” line from Spy Kids.) 

Here are some good puns about mushrooms based on specific mushroom types:

  • Mushroom puns are good for morel support.
  • What do you call a winning mushroom? A champignon!
  • Was it easy to bring that mushroom with you? Yes, it’s portabella. 
  • And how did you get here with that mushroom? Oh, we took public tran-spore-t.
  • Let’s shiitake it up a notch.
  • No mushrooms on your pizza? Well, you don’t have to be so cremini! 
  • I chanterelle if you’re being serious or not.
  • How do you take down a were-mushroom? With a silver bolete!
  • Where do you leave a mushroom’s deliveries? The front porch-ini.
  • What kind of mushrooms do tailors prefer? Button mushrooms, obviously!
  • Amanita you to laugh at my mushroom jokes. 
  • Once there was a little mushroom who grew up spore, but she made a lot of money and now she’s agaric-h!

Corny Mushroom Jokes

Sometimes nothing hits like a really corny dad joke. These mushroom-flavored follies might draw forth some groans, but they’ll be smiling at the same time. 

  • Why won’t the mushroom buy a couch? Because he prefers toadstools.
  • Why was the little mushroom good at school? She didn’t want to get into truffle.
  • Why did these toadstools stay so little? Well, there wasn’t mush room for them to grow.
  • Did you see the mushroom got an athletic scholarship? I’m not surprised, he was always good at spore-ts. 
  • How does a mushroom witch fly? On a mush-broom!
  • What happens when two mushrooms get married? They go from fung-i to fung-us.
  • What do you call a book about mushrooms? A fun-guide.
  • Did you hear the one about the mushroom who moved to a penthouse apartment? Now she’s a shroom with a view.

Raising Our Caps to Puns About Mushrooms

The English language doesn’t have to be all about grammar rules. Sometimes it’s fun to embrace wordplay and have a good time. So once you’re done learning about confusing vocabulary and grammar tips, check out more of our Just For Fun articles and have a laugh.


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