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  • Using the Interrobang Is a Sign of Lazy Writing

    Using the Interrobang Is a Sign of Lazy Writing

    I consider myself pretty well-versed in the latest goings-on in the writing world, so it came as quite a revelation to hear of a new (to me, at least) punctuation mark called the interrobang. This particular mark blends the question mark and exclamation point (‽) into an amalgamation of questioning surprise, a seasoning of shock…

  • How To Use Ellipses

    How To Use Ellipses

    One of the more commonly misused and overused punctuation marks is the ellipsis. I’ve encountered far too many maddening late-night emails literally dotted with ellipses signifying either incoherent thought or implied mischief. Another writing pet peeve is the online use of “to be continued” hooks, which use ellipses to hang stories mid-sentence and keep audiences clicking through. If…