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  • What Are Split Infinitives?

    What Are Split Infinitives?

    One of the first grammar rules I ever learned was to avoid splitting infinitives. While there are many rules that govern how written and spoken English is structured, there are also many different ways to string words together and convey meaning. Indeed, using split infinitives isn’t the worst thing you can do in English writing.…

  • Being a Grammar Snob Can Cost You Friends

    Being a Grammar Snob Can Cost You Friends

    I’ll openly admit that ever since I started writing, proofreading and editing for a living, I’ve become more critical of mistakes I see in another person’s writing. Call it a working hazard. Not too long ago, I gladly bore the title of “grammar snob,” but recently, I’ve come to realize that gently pointing out the…

  • What Are Sentence Adverbs?

    What Are Sentence Adverbs?

    I personally love the use of adverbs at certain times to further clarify the action of a sentence, especially when taking on an SEO writing project. Although there is some debate as to whether or not adverbs weaken writing, there is likely to come a time, whether you are writing a journalistic article or a short…