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  • Idiom Examples That Break the Grammar Mold

    Idiom Examples That Break the Grammar Mold

    Editors and clients sometimes quail at the sight of idiomatic phrases. If someone asks you to cool it with the old saws, you’ll probably want to listen up. Idiom examples can throw readers for a loop if they aren’t familiar with the sayings you’re using. Going nuts with figurative speech can also have a variety…

  • Truism: The Truth Is the Truth

    Truism: The Truth Is the Truth

    Have you ever heard someone say something so clever that you had to go back and have it repeated so it could really sink in? Maybe you spent the next few days thinking about the statement, trying to understand the meaning, knowing it would make a profound difference in your life if you could just…

  • What Is Anaphora?

    What Is Anaphora?

    If you read the classics (Charles Dickens, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Walt Whitman, just to name a few), you’ll no doubt run into anaphora. A powerful writing tool, it’s often taught in literature and creative writing classes, though it can also show up in more mundane media such as commercials and speeches. In fact, if…